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Jan 12, - Is it appropriate for children to be spanked on there bottom with no pants. and my answer is no. Hope this helps allison. Do you also spank on the bare bottom? | Christian Forums Harmonie. Age: 25. my name is daniela! I am a beautiful girl, brunette and sophisticated.i just a perfect dream-girl. I am a sweet and romantic pussy-cat, tall and very sexy young girl, with perfect body, natural breast and long legs. Don't miss your chance,you will never forget me! Me and my boyfriend both spank the older 2 children. If Beccy need a spanking, to me, this means I will generally explain to her why she is getting a spanking, then prop her over my knees and smack her 'bare bottom' a maximum of 3 or 4 times. Thats it.:) Do you spank your child's bare bottom? And what does "a spanking" involve in your house? I apologise if. Jillian. Age: 26. I am available for short-time meetings in Khon Kaen or Udonthani with advance notice as I have a very busy schedule with some other businesses I run My child’s first ‘rod encounter’ Aug 17, - Jasper is His sister, Laurel, is As a single Mum of two very active children, I have had to resort to corporal punishment. Following the example set by my mother, I have always spanked and caned bare bottom. Until she was 8, I spanked Laurel with my hand, over my knee. The same went for Jasper. when spanking for discipline do you put over your knee or how and bare bottom or not? [deleted account] ( moms have responded). For those moms who think spanking is wrong no need to comment. Helpful (); Nice (61); Funny (73); Encouraging (85); Hugs (47).

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Marley. Age: 27. escort girl de charme sur la capitale et en france Mar 28, - bare bottom or not - My 2 kids, 11 yo girl and 9 yo boy accept the idea of a spanking, but always argue that they are too old to receive it. Jun 19, - I was spanked bare bottom only 2–4 times as a child (mostly around the ages of 4–6), but I witnessed my older brother be bare bottomed spanked several more times. It was traumatizing as a child, and I am even more disturbed to think about it as an Was spanking at school ever given bare bottom? Oct 17, - It was a minute struggle just getting her to pull down her undergarments so I can spank her bottom. Please note that you do not force them to show their bottom. I made sure to put her on my lap. Skin to skin. I lost count how many “Mummy I promise not to do it again” she said. She also refused to be.


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