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Corporal punishment in the home (also called physical punishment) refers to an act by a parent or other legal guardian causing deliberate physical pain or discomfort to a minor child in response to some undesired behavior by the child. This typically takes the form of spanking or slapping the child with an open hand or. Spanking Law: You Can't Spank Kids In These Countries Linsey. Age: 24. Sophia xxx Duke University School of Law. The Children and Parents Code does not itself impose penalties for smacking children, but instances of corporal punishment that meet the criteria of assault may be prosecuted. This notion that "we never spank a child" is just ridiculous. There are times whem a spanking is exactly what is called for. Too bad some parents spank first and ask questions later. Unfortunately, it is illegal to spank your child in some states. So, know the law in your state or face the consequences. Editors Note: This page  ‎Alabama · ‎Kentucky · ‎Ohio · ‎Texas. Jackie. Age: 29. Kisses... From your rita! Corporal punishment in the home Oct 21, - Currently, parents in Scotland who spank their children are able to defend their actions by using the “justifiable assault” defense. But, the new proposed law change by John Finnie, the justice spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, would ban the justification, The Guardian reports. “John Finnie's Bill will not. Many families strongly believe in spanking as a means of punishment, for example. Other families believe that spanking is a form of child abuse. Most states do not have a law that prohibits spanking but instead rely on their child abuse statutes to determine if an individual case crossed the line between discipline and abuse.

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Violetta. Age: 19. Down to earth exotic girl next door type young college milf soft cinnamon skin complexion luscious full lips with not only the curves to get your body racing but also an intellectual mind for great conversation Feb 1, - While spanking was a common form of disciplining kids for years, the tactic is now banned in 43 countries. And Canada could be next. In December , Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced his plans to revoke a law that allows parents to spank their kids. The news came after the Liberal government. Sep 9, - In California, it is legal to spank your child but it must fall within a range of what is considered “reasonable discipline.” Call WK today for more info.


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