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Date: Thu, 30 Jun From: Scott Westwood @podemosparatodas.info> Subject: Boys Love Torture - Chapter 30 This story contains sexual acts between teenaged boys and . He greased the thin metal rod, pried Cody's piss slit open and slowly slid it down inside Cody's throbbing hard cock. Who's Been Sleeping in Your Head: The Secret World of Sexual Fantasies - Brett Kahr - Google Книги Melanie. Age: 27. for the best possible sex ever you need to ignite the mind. You need to want it, you need to crave it, you need to desire it. It would be such a shame if we had to damage such a beautiful big cock. He made a slip knot and threaded Byron's balls through it, then pulled tightly. In the center was a square torture table with eyelets for binding its victims. Next to the table stood a metal cart, the top full of wires, boxes, various thicknesses of metal sounds and dildos to be forced into a man or woman's pee slit and rectum then wired as well as numerous sized electrically wired metal  Interrogated by Dr. Schmidt:: GaggedUtopia's Story Archive. Trina. Age: 20. Hello there I am Tipsy! Tipsy Jones! Call me at 702-213-1216 I am fun, inviting, sensual and exciting!!! In my mind, I go through each of these painful rituals—the arsehole shaving, the public masturbation, and the probing of the piss slit, which is excruciatingly painful—but it is really This fantasy gets me so horny, and because the story is so long and so detailed, I can always find a point at which I spunk all over the room. Oct 26, - He utilizes a mysterious gel applied to the boy's cock and balls that drives him crazy in the intense story from Eddie. I spend a long time getting the stuff down his piss-slit and put extra-thick coats of the sticky goo on his cockhead, getting right under the foreskin and making sure it holds a large amount in.

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Bonny. Age: 30. NO explicit talk or text These stories never make the headlines." Yusef walked closer, his Then Yusef let go and even more pain coursed through the young marine's body as feeling returned to the tortured titty tips. Yusef was handed a long I am going to shove it up your piss hole now and ruin the inside of your cock." Jordan blacked out from. Feb 10, - "Niggers are naturally to be tortured, they have thick lips for warping around big dick and eating cum, they have muscular ass to be whipped, they have . I stared at his shiny and plump glans greedily, then I pointed the bumpy end of the thick glass rod against his piss hole and slowly inserted the rod in. This is a Foley catheter, we will be snaking this down your piss hole and urethra into your bladder. Not having He then grabbed a syringe and inserted it into my piss slit. At first I felt a cool from cramping. I began to tear up again and wished they had killed me rather than having to endure their horrible rape and torture.


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