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Sticky stamps were introduced after a survey showed a massive 93% of the British public said they would prefer not to lick their stamps. Self-adhesive stamps are widely available in other countries. Celebrity slimmer Vanessa Feltz was launching the self-adhesive "no calorie" stamps at London's Trafalgar Square Post Office. Error (Forbidden) Whitney. Age: 28. Hello please contact me Sky News reporter presents outside Downing Street while her doppelganger lurks Feb 26, - You lick a stamp just like you dial a phone. In other words, you say you do, but you don't. It certainly seems that the stamps with their own adhesive on the backs -- the ones you don't have to touch with your tongue -- have just about completely taken over the U.S. mails. Yet one wouldn't want to guess about. September. Age: 22. I have the remedy for every gentleman's Sweet Tooth ???? Hold Your Tongue: Introducing No-Lick Stamps Originally, gumming took place after printing and before perforation, usually because the paper had to be damp for printing to work well, but in modern times most stamp printing is done dry on pre-gummed paper. There have been a couple of historical instances where stamps were regummed after being perforated, but  ‎Types and application · ‎Self-adhesive stamps · ‎Health risks · ‎Philately. May 25, - Last June, Canada introduced its own peel-off stamps, although at premium prices, and some countries where the humidity tends to be high, such as Sierra Leone and Tonga, have had such stamps for years. If the no-lick stamps catch on, as Postal Service officials hope they will, they could be in wide.

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Flora. Age: 25. I like fine dining, travelling andcompany going to the cinema and theatre. I have an entertaining personality and i am sure you will have great time Oct 3, - Licking the back of a postage stamp may seem a perfectly innocuous activity for calorie-counters and dieters, but lick enough of them and the calories may. May 23, - If you were smart you used the patented round sponge, good for wetting the glue on envelopes too. I heard someone actually died from licking too many stamps. These sponges came dry and only about 1/4 inch thick. They had their own little round dish. When you wet them they expanded to about a inch or so. You had to  Do you lick the stamp? Feb 27, - And if you did, maybe you sat at your desk or kitchen table, ready to seal them up for mailing and thought, “Should I lick this stamp or envelope flap?” I have to admit—I have an irrational fear of envelope flaps. Seriously. You know the way people will start with their tongue on one end of the flap and then.


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