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Sep 22, - People all over the world have sexual fetishes and you may be a little surprised at just how many of them there are. Sexual fetishism is the phrase used to describe a body part, specific object or even a particular situation that causes a person to be sexual aroused that wouldn't normally be considered. How To Juggle A Panty Fetish And A Relationship | He Wears Panties Kelsey. Age: 27. Hello there! I'm Tara and I am exactly what the doctor ordered! Hot, mature, with a vibrant personality and an absolutely amazing body! What more would you ask for? Another reason people may be into the scent is that there's taboo involved: I think she's talking about a guy who holds them to his face, wraps them around his cock, and stuff like that, not transvestism. PANTY FETISH: Why Men Beg, Borrow, Steal Womens Undies. barking_crow Another type of panty consumer is the man who just wants panties and doesn't really care who they belonged to. As much as the man may want the panties, he also gets off on the experience of getting away with the crime of stealing. This is. Julianna. Age: 28. Fun, Bubbly Personality PANTY FETISH: Why Men Beg, Borrow, Steal Womens Undies I have been dating a guy for a few months now and have discovered "other" panties under his bed that are not mine! When I confronted him, he informed me that he has a panty fetish. I don't think that he has been with someone else since we are together 90% of them time and I'm not saying that there is a not a possibility of. Apr 5, - In my teens i started a strange fetish which is i love the feel of female panties and wearing them. a question of changing this, it is a question of accepting it and making sure that you don't open yourself up to unnecessary judgment or harm by people who don't understand, like being caught stealing them or.

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Eva. Age: 19. Hello ! Photos 100% real Aug 6, - I came home the other day to find my husband standing in front of the mirror in a pair of my see through g string panties, he had an erection, and was clearly enjoying himself. Lately I have been aware that someone has been in my panty drawer, now to find its my husband wearing my panties has destroyed. Sep 4, - I have masturbated with my g/f worn underwear but she doesn't know about this yet i would love to tell her if she likes the idea of my panty fetish. Else it will be back to trying to find pictures on porn sites but i find that you only get pictures of worn underwear not the person with it,Or its a model which does. Dec 12, - I would really like some help, or guidance to where I can get help for our relationship. I'm scared his fetish is boarder line obsession if he went seeking panties to fit him. And this fetish doesn't turn me on and from the forums and other things I've read, it doesn't help the relationship if someone isn't down to.


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