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As I walked away I was already thinking about what the next weeks and months would have to offer. Ok, if you've gotten this far you've made it through the story and I'd appreciate some feedback so email me. Too much background? Not enough sex? Write more as it could get interesting" Let the story die? Report Story. Hot Blonde Waitress - Erotic Couplings - Simonetta. Age: 29. My new website: www The Neglected Serving Girl After a month apart she has needs, but the inn has customers. On Friday night, Ashley Stevenson looked over the men in the hotel dining room where she works as a waitress, imagining herself romping in bed with first one of the men who was sitting by himself at a table, then another and finding some good qualities in every one of them. She had hopes of taking a man home for some. Kitty. Age: 27. Bonjour! Sexy Waitress "Thank God it's Friday," I thought to myself. After a long day at work at my restaurant that I manage and I was ready to head off back home. I thought I was the last one in the building and closed the lights before heading off towards the door when I heard some sounds coming from the bathroom. I hoped nobody was hurt and. Aug 28, - At a local restaurant, I walk in and sit down at a booth. The waitress comes by to ask what I'd like to drink. She's about 5'8”, brown hair and probab.

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Presley. Age: 23. Spoil yourself with a unique, delicate and one of a kind exotic companion, Kassidy Apr 9, - simply stunning strawberry blonde waitress called Beth. Beth had a lovely figure tight black trousers and white blouse with one to many buttons un done, a few freckles on her face she would be around 5ft 3 and a size 8. Read more → · Sexy Story, Teen Sex Stories, True Story erotic, golf, hot, resort, sexy. Jun 8, - As I stood at my bathroom sink and looked over my shoulder at the sleeping beauty that was in my king-sized bed, I couldn't help but think about how we had arrived at this point. It started a couple months before when I relocated from Albany, New York to Orlando, Florida for a high-level position with one. Apr 27, - sex erotica love romance adult lust erotic fiction oral fantasy misc lesbian rape bdsm poem gay passion anal sexy bondage hot death threesome life short_story masturbation pain horror sexual submission desire dark girl spanking vampire poetry friendship pleasure blood seduction slave hate murder.


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