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Feb 8, - How safe is it to have your man ejaculate during anal, will it do any harm at all or is it is to allow ejaculation in the anal? (besides the risk of becoming pregnant)??? This topic is answered by a medical expert. Ejaculation in my anus - Women's Health - MedHelp Jenny. Age: 23. I am the Finest VIP Companion & will make our time together one you will Never Forget! I Enjoy Escorting my clients for most occasions & Also offer a Vast Menu of Kink & Fetish Mistress Services Dear Pearl, I have been prescribed with Xanax, O. Apr 7, - When the active partner knows how to use condoms, doesn't get turned off by them and if your main fantasy is NOT being penetrated without a condome, the feeling will be the same when he ejaculates inside a condom in your anus. Can women feel it when a man ejaculates inside a In anal sex, what happens when someone ejaculates sperm into. Carol. Age: 26. I am looking forward to share a magic moment where we can enjoys each other with abandon What If You Ejaculate in Her Butt? (Page 1) Oct 23, - My husband and I have been together for a few years and we have started practising anal sex. Recently he has started to ejaculate whilst still inside my anus. We are not sure if this can cause any is. She does not have to get it out right away, and as long as she is on birth control, any that might have seeped out or somehow ended up near her vagina could be a potential problem. Other than that, I see no problem or issue with cumming inside her butt. I personally love anal sex and have had cum shot in.

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Proxy. Age: 27. I'm always fresh and clean Nov 19, - QUESTION I always bareback (have unprotected anal sex) with my partner. We are monogamous, both HIV negative and STD-free. Since my boyfriend loves to ejaculate inside me, I am wondering whether there is any health risk from the cement left in my rectum? ANSWER No, there is no particular risk of. Apr 25, - Q. What does it feel like to have cum inside your butthole? Can you feel it squirt out inside? What happens to the cum if it doesnt come out of your butt? Does it feel good to have cum in the butthole? Before we take this question to town, we have to go over a few rules and regulations for admission to the. Jun 9, - Hello and thank you for your question,. As long as STDs and pregnancy is concerned it is completely safe as long both of you have both been tested negative. However, because there is a lot of bacteria in the rectum, it would probably be safer for him to use a condom for the only purpose of avoiding any.


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